Web-co-design laboratory with Minoranza creativa

From June to September 2013, I participated at the Drink Think 2.0 project together with the association of psychologists Minoranza Creativa. The aim of this project, inserted in the European Italy-Austra Interreg project, is to create moments of thought, discussion and information on the consumption of alcohol among young people.
The first step has been to create a group of interested young volunteer people to work with. We finally came out with a variable group of 15 persons from 17 to 22 years old. Beatrice Severini together with Paolo Prelli, both psychologists, led a weekly encounter to introduce the topic to the group, even if a lot of participants had already had previous experiences with peer education. They analyzed the problem, found out the difficulties, and came to the conclusion that the most effective message to communicate to young people on the question of alcohol, is to think about it: the group decided not to demonize alcohol but to recommend a conscious use of it. Young people need new stimuli to reflect upon the alcohol consumption topic: the group choose to convey this message through two channels: the radio and the web.
For that reason Minoranza Creativa called me to organize and lead a co-design workshop to design a website together with the young participants and a developer, Alberto Duca. The aim of our website is to give information about alcohol consumption and all related topics (legal ones, long term effects, etc.) but mainly to open a new space to talk about the alcohol consumption topic. The website contains a space where users can ask questions anonymously and receive answers by psychologists and by peer educators. The whole website layout has been developed by the collaboration of a designer (me!), a developer (Alberto Duca) and peer educators (Milena, Giada, Caterina, Giada, Ylenia, Michele, Shaban, Erica, Filippo, Michele, Luca, Sabrina).
Here are the result: www.keeponthinking.it