Mapping cultural information, cultural comparison between Augsburg and Venice

Mapping cultural information workshop is born from a collaboration between the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and Iuav University. Ten students per university, curriculum Information design, has been involved in a cultural comparison between Augsburg and Venice. The first part of the workshop has taken place in Venice from the 11th to 15th November 2013, the second part in Augsburg, from the 2nd to the 6th of December 2013.

Prof. Michael Stoll together with prof. Emanuela Bonini Lessing won the DAAD grant that make possible to organize and realize this workshop. Prof. Robert Rose and me took part in both sessions to help students in their work. And the whole team of students, of sure: Dalila Keller, Helene Schoenfeld, Christina Angele, Eva Hillemeyr, Alexandra Tuchel, Anna Artischuk, Stefani Wiatowski, Aysegül Karakus, Clemens Riggenmann, Helene Haas, Arianna Codromaz, Marta Signori, Anna Nogarè, Carla Felicetti, Sara Scafidi, Chiara Contrino, Biagio Pandolfi, Elena Principato, Martina De Vincentiis, Damiano Gaudenzi, Marco Miccichè.

The first activity students had to deal with was a city game. Nicola Vittori and Digital Accademia gave us the opportunity to play with Ruyi guide of Venice, an amazing book that through following stories and legends makes you discover the most mysterious cities in the world. This first activity helped students to brake the ice and to create working groups.

After this first playful morning, we had a really inspiring lecture on the history of the city by prof. Maddalena Scimemi, and then a full immersion brainstorming on possible topics to research and represent in the workshop. Students came out with several solutions but had to decide to treat just one subject that possibly fits with both cities. Finally we had ten groups working on ten differents subjects:  Rest & relaxing in public space; New paths for tourism; Tools, strategies and characteristics of tourists group guide; Wayfinding system: google, official, optimal; Food and drink offer comparison; Shops & products density and characteristics; Wild animals presence and life; Drinking water system, history and present time; First aid, how emergency service works; Possible option for families to celebrate family life.

The second step after deciding the topic, is to start research data and information about it. Participants got information from public offices, interviewed professionals and worked in refining contents.

And finally, the last but more important and long phase of the workshop has been the design one: each group had to design and print one poster that efficiently communicate and illustrate the chosen topic. We had also the opportunity to had an online streaming final presentation that permits us to explain our work (students one!) to a wider and international public.

The workshop structure has been the same in both location. The quality of students works has been so hight and interesting that all of us hope for a second edition, thanks to everyone who participated!


Sixty stories about sixty different places in Venice. From the myth of the sad fairy to the legend of the column that disappeared, from the lone cannon that stopped an entire armada to the mermaid who married a fisherman. Searching for a magical scepter, you can discover the city that lies on the water. Venice The Ruyi is an itinerary lined with enigmas to uncover the mysteries and learn about the most enchanting places of Venice. You can be the hero of the story. For more visit

Sixty stories about sixty different places in Venice. Venice The Ruyi is an itinerary lined with enigmas to uncover the mysteries and learn about the most enchanting places of Venice. You can be the hero of the story. For more visit

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Map study



Water system

Tourist guide


New paths in the city

Beer race
Shops culture

Wild animals
Beer culture

Spare time in the city

Wayfinding system

Lech river
The group

Streaming Ciao

Streaming games

Style comparison

Christmas time

Streaming moving camera and cameraman

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