Information design workshop @ AIAP Design week 2012

How to translate Science into Infography
Workshop held by Prof. Michael Stoll

Participants had to design a three-dimensional infographic about different scientific topics, soon more at
Professor Stoll’s concept of edu-sphere opens me a new way to approach information design. Three-dimensional infographics permit to have a wider range of possible readings, from linear narrative to a non linear storytelling: distributing complex contents on different faces of a solid helps to structure the reader experience.
A really inspiring three day workshop!

What Professor Stoll say about me on Linkedin:
Silvia was a tutor at AIAP’s Design Per Week 2012 in a 3-day-workshop i gave to 26 students and professionals in the field of information design. Working together with Silvia was perfect. When i arrived on site, everything was set up already and well thought in advance. I felt comfortable from the first moment. And this feeling didn’t stop during all of the workshop. But even more: Silvia did a perfect job translating Italian – English and vice versa. Her ability not only to have the word-by-word-translation in mind but also to have the thematical background present, while doing the translations, was extraordinary and extremly helpful. Also, Silvia is a very likable person. So all in all i will insist on her as an assistant the next time in Italy.