Basic design laboratory @ Iuav University

From 2010 to 2013 I collaborated with the Basic design group of research at Iuav, University of Venice, composed by Prof. Giovanni Anceschi, Prof. Emanuela Bonini Lessing, Prof. Nunzia Coco and researchers Nicola Vittori and Azalea Seratoni. The team held two courses in the Industrial Design Undergraduate Program, Iuav University of Venice.
Basic design is seen as a foundation discipline that joins active pedagogy and communication design fundamentals.
Every year we propose to the students a set of exercises from Bauhaus and Ulm tradition together with new ones related to New basic design, as Prof. Giovanni Anceschi and Prof. Ellen Lupton call this actualisation of the discipline through the use of new media.
As member of the research group, I am asked to propose new exercise for students and to plan together with the other members of the team, the five months laboratory. As teacher assistant, I support Professors during the laboratory, give lectures, supervise students during the whole five months. The great willingness of the Professors of this research group has allowed me to experiment with new ways of teaching and new practical exercises, giving me the opportunity to develop a good ability as course planner.