Hi, I am Silvia Schiaulini and Participativedesign.com is the place where I collect and share my projects, experiences, research and texts about participative design or co-design in the field of communication design. Co-design is a design approach that encourages users and stakeholders to be part of the design process together with designers. This methodology makes sure that the final output of the design process speaks the same language as the audience that it has to reach.
My professional experience is enriched by the sum of three activities: research, practice and teaching closely related to each other. The doctoral research gave me the possibility to develop a design enabling method that I can now spend in my professional activity and teach the designers and non-designers who are interest in developing collaborative experiences.

If you are interested in any kind of collaboration, feel free to write@participativedesign.com or contact me via Linkedin

Free software is an amazing emancipating tool, so I am proud to say that this website layout as been designed with Scribus, and realized with WordPress Cms. I developed the layout theme from Dmitry Semenov’s Touchfolio, adding Multi-column layout from Opera and Modzilla freecode.
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